Call for Project Proposals

This Open Call for Proposals is one of the methods the LPC will be using to identify projects for inclusion in the Strategic Investment Plan. The submission of project proposals is open to the public, and proposals may include public or private projects.

As a result of input from the community, the Deadline For Project Proposal Submissions has been extended until December 21, 2018 at 4:00PM.


1. Project Sponsor

02. Project Location

The LPC may consider minor adjustments to New Rochelle's proposed DRI boundary in order to capitalize on new opportunities while ensuring the boundary remains compact and focused on the downtown. If the project is outside of New Rochelle's proposed DRI boundary, please provide a brief description of how the project relates to the downtown and supports the stated goals of the DRI.

03. Project Type and Description

Using the following categories, please indicate your project type:

04. Property Ownership

Are you the owner of the property? If not, identify the owner of the property on which the proposed project would be implemented. The property owner must have the legal authority to execute contracts with the State and oversee the project.

If property acquisition is a component of the proposed project, describe the need for acquiring land. Property acquisition is not eligible for DRI funds.