DRI Preliminary Project List

Complete Streets

Implementation of complete streets policies on Lincoln Avenue from Memorial Highway to Webster Avenue, focusing on pedestrian safety, intersection improvements, bicycle infrastructure, and traffic calming.

Lincoln Avenue from Memorial Highway to Webster Avenue

MobileNR Phase II

Extension of downtown circulator transit service. The goal of MobileNR is to connect downtown designations, major employers, civic centers, downtown retail and restaurants, the transit center and adjacent neighborhoods.

North Avenue to Lincoln Avenue to Memorial Highway to Main Street

Train Station Gateway

Create new gateway to Metro-North station from Hugeunot St. Construct a canopy adjacent to the existing MTA entrance at Station Plaza South. The canopy will improve the appearance and safety of the station entrance.

MNRR Station, entrance from Hugeunot Street

Green Garage

Construct a new four-tiered Green Parking Garage with private and public parking, designated spaces for car-sharing, electric vehicle stations, passenger drop off/pick up for MobileNR, and on-street bike storage.

25 Maple Avenue

The Linc

Closing and converting a portion of Memorial Highway to open space and trail space. The Linc will restore the neighborhood fabric that was severed by Memorial Highway, connect the Lincoln Avenue neighborhood to downtown, and provide additional community recreation and open space.

Memorial Highway

Heritage Homes Open Space

Create park and playground after demolition of last of Hartley House buildings on Heritage Homes site.

Northwest corner of Brook Street and Winthrop Avenue

Lincoln Park / Remington Boys and Girls Club

A new Remington Boys and Girls Club will be built as a result of a new residential development on the site. The DRI would fund solar panels on the new Club and a public comfort station for Lincoln Park.

Lincoln Park, corner of Lincoln Avenue and Prince Street

Anderson Plaza Reconstruction

Redesign Anderson Plaza and Anderson Street to provide better connection to the downtown, open space, and event space.

Anderson Plaza on Anderson Avenue between North Avenue and Lecount Place

Heritage Center

Develop a history and cultural arts center that documents, preserves and promotes the rich history of the Lincoln Avenue Corridor neighborhood and its connection to downtown New Rochelle and the City.

Burling Triangle

Create a park, jogging path, and public art space to compliment new development of residential buildings and provide neighborhood connections.

Triangle bounded by Burling Lane, Memorial Highway and I-95

Black Box Theater and Art Education Center

The Black Box Theater would establish a new community performing arts venue as part of the redevelopment of the former Loew’s Theater building.

587 Main Street (former Loew's Theater)

Coworker Incubator

Establish a coworking or business incubator space at one or more locations in the DRI Area. Possible locations include: New Roc City, New Rochelle Public Library, Shiloh Baptist, or Village Squared.

1 Memorial Highway

Revolving Loan Fund

A new revolving loan or grant fund would help local businesses located within the DRI boundary. The program would fund physical rehabilitation of commercial space or provide business support.

Rezoning of Lincoln Avenue Corridor - DO-8

Rezone approximately 86 acres of the DRI Area to a new zoning district (DO-8) that would be tailored to the needs of the community.

Workforce Development Center

Create a comprehensive workforce development center that offers a wide array of resources and services such as: job training; entrepreneurial resources; alternative high school equivalency training; English lessons; and financial literacy training.

95 Lincoln Avenue

Youth Music and Art Program

Music and art programs for underserved youth consisting of: provided instruments, instructors, small ensemblies, workshops, classes, performances, recitals, youth field trips, etc. Requesting funding for laptops, microphones, amplifiers, speakers, video equipment, music stands, etc.

Downtown Event Space

An event space that captures the identity of downtown New Rochelle. The event space would host unique cultural, corporate and social events. The venue would offer on-site planning, wi-fi, audiovisual, in-house catering and more.

Former Chase Bank Branch at 491 Main Street

DRI Showroom

Showroom for DRI projects as they move through the approval and development process. Create a communications hub for residents and businesses looking to learn more about New Rochelle and the DRI projects on an ongoing manner.

1 Memorial Highway

Replace City Grid

Replace the city grid and put back the streets that once connected the homes on Morris, Remington Place and Sickles that are cut off and would be further isolated by the proposed redirection of North Avenue.

Memorial Highway from the I95 Exit to Lincoln Avenue

Improvements to the Thomas Paine Cottage Museum

Create a historical landscape design and improve Thomas Paine Cottage property.

Thomas Paine Cottage Museum, 20 Sicard Avenue

Medical Center

Develop a new 6,000 square foot medical facility in New Rochelle including urgent care and primary care.

Affordable Housing

Develop a new residential building with 60 to 100 affordable residential units.

185 Lincoln Avenue and 39 Kress Avenue

Affordable Housing

Develop affordable housing with day care and afterschool programs.

12 DeWitt Place to Lincoln Avenue

On-demand Transit

On-demand transit and technology.

Concert and Events Venues

New corridor of venues and locations for concerts and events.

Mobile Farmers' Market

Run a mobile farmers' market via mobile trucks, providing fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to the community.

Shiloh Baptist Church, 185 Lincoln Avenue

Coworking Space and Incubator

Establish physical space for a for-profit shared space and incubator, founded and conceptualized by a syndicate of New Rochelle startups. Furnish a space, finance and install equipment, and refine the space with cultural artistic designs.

Incubator and Job Training

Create incubator site for entrepreneurship and job training. Requested DRI funding is for assistance with equipment and technological upgrades.

Shiloh Baptist Church, 185 Lincoln Avenue

Install New Traffic Signal

Install a traffic signal to help persons exit the Shiloh Baptist Church parking lot.

Road near 185 Lincoln Avenue

Coworking Space at the New Rochelle Public Library

Provide coworking space at the New Rochelle Public Library. The space will include community tables, a laptop bar, computers with design software, color printers, 3-D printers, an interactive whiteboard, and video conferencing equipment.

New Rochelle Public Library, 1 Library Plaza